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News del 30 Dicembre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Slim Browser 4.12 Build 017
Slimbrowser è un navigatore basato su Internet Explorer, il quale propone però differenti e ulteriori funzionalità sviluppate autonomamente.

  • Fixed bug about search suggestion result parsing with a few search engines.
  • Fixed bug about file->open/save dialog not popping up under Win98.
  • Fixed bug about the history dropdown menu near the back & forward buttons on the toolbar.
  • Bug fix: popup blocker not working properly in IE6 or earlier.
  • Fixed bug with scripting inside frames from a different domain. The built-in form filler and keyword highlight tool is now able to step into subframes from another domain.
  • Included a larger predefined black list into universal url filter.
  • Added "Search in Current Site" into Edit menu.
  • Added support for the prompting of search suggestions with the quicksearch box.
  • Fixed bug for google and babelfish translator.
  • Bug fix: open multiple home pages when clicking the homepage button.
  • New shortcut key: ctrl+T to create a new tab (ctrl+N still works for the same purpose).
  • Added support to clean history by a single domain name (accessible from menu tools->privacy->clean trace by domain)
  • Changed default scriptpad file type to jscript.
  • Fixed bug with script pad when viewing html file source code. Added file-type auto-detect capability.
  • Added script error status indicator.
  • Support up to 1024 autologin entries.
  • Added spell check as toolbar button. You can customize the toolbar to add this new button.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 2.08 MB

OS: Windows

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