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News del 22 Luglio 05 Autore: Vlad
Slax è il nuovo nome per la distribuzione Slackware-live, una distro live-on-cd basata su SlackwareCambi dalla versione precedente:
  • Better integration of SLAX modules (.mo) in KDE
  • Moved syncing in slax installer (to the end)
  • Mntall script now also mounts (not only detects) all partitions when it's started, nevertheless then it still doesn't mount any new (eg. usb) devices automatically when they are plugged while running slax (only detect them and updates fstab)
  • Using Linux Kernel with new ALSA sound drivers 1.0.9b
  • KOffice+Pim are now in a separated base module, so it's easily removable
  • KdeApps are in separated module also
  • Added new GTK default theme so GTK applications won't look ugly anymore. This is needed because a lot of modules will be for GTK, I'm sure
  • Fixed configsave and websafe, it didn't work properly for two or more sessions
  • Removed nforce support for sound/net, I'm sorry but the driver won't compile
  • Removed ThunderBird from Popcorn Edition
  • Changed Kopete default font - it's smaller now
  • Run ldconfig if /modules/ are used.
  • Updated devel module, kernel source need make version.h etc...
  • Added SLAX installer to KDE menu. The same for Netconf
  • Compilled koffice 1.4 with wordperfect support
  • Configsave now refuses to work under guest account
  • Changed font settings for konqueror to use Luxi: Sans,Serif,Mono
  • Removed 75dpi & Type1 fonts (saves 20MB!)
  • Updated slax network configurator to offer values which are currently set.
  • Hopefully better function to create fstab
  • Mntall script now uses blkid
  • Start lisa with kde to allow LAN browsing, it needed some config file
  • Many bugs have been fixed in unionfs filesystem so I hope it will be more stable then before, we'll see...
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