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News del 23 Luglio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Slax è il nuovo nome per la distribuzione Slackware-live, una distro live-on-cd basata su Slackware Cambi dalla versione precedente: - this release is considered as "mainly for testing" - added kernel 2.4.27-pre3 with SATA support! (modprobe kernel modules) - released development module allowing to compile source codes under SLAX - added /usr/bin/slax-install script, finaly working in textmode. - added "gui" boot option to skip textmode login and autostart X with KDE - added bind (nslookup, host, dig, named cache nameserver, etc) - added MPlayer 1.0pre5, kplayer 0.5.1 - added kolorpaint (mspaint alternative, standard part of KDE 3.3) - added 4 very nice themes to FluxBox - added flac, id3lib support, recompiled k3b and KDE - firewall is disabled as default, it caused problems with browsing local LAN. - added "slax firewall" boot option to enable firewall - kplayer configured to disable window resizing (comming back from fullscrn) - start ldconfig and fc-cache if SLAX is installed to disk - QT is now moved to opt.img, you can easily remove it with KDE at once - proftpd replaced by vsftpd, it's smaller and easy to configure - XFree replaced by - When X autoconfig fails, try to use VESA framebuffer (guisafe) automatically - Don't remove customization and docbook from KDElibs - /home directory is now included in configsave/configrestore - removed smb4k, konqueror can browse local LAN as well - removed cron hourly jobs (rmmod each hour, which were causing problems) - removed languages (visit for Czech SLAX or download modules)
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: OpenSource / GPL

Dimensioni: 167MB

OS: Linux

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