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News del 25 Febbraio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Slax è il nuovo nome per la distribuzione Slackware-live, una distro live-on-cd basata su Slackware Cambi dalla versione precedente: - now based on 4.0.1 linux live scripts - added Kernel 2.4.25 with ovlfs and alsa 1.0.2c - added hotplug 05_01_2004 - changed rc.alsa to modprobe oss emulation before adjusting volume - fixed kde arts - it uses Threaded OSS now, should fix alot of troubles in KDE - fixed samba, tested - rebuilded all fonts caches etc. - added DVD symlink - added boot parameter probeusb to enable booting from USB FlashDisk - floppy automounting only available with "floppy" boot parameter - added KDE 3.2 final hacked (and kmail patched) - added KOffice 1.3 final - added CUPS printing system - added script to copy&install SLAX to flashdisk (USB mastorage device) or hard disk (it can be found in the root directory of the CD ./ - added tools/moduse script to use module in Live filesystem on the fly (while running slax)! - added tools/modinsert script to insert downloaded modules to LiveCD ISO - added debugslax script - syslog is started before hotplug to avoid annoying messages - removed foreign languages for KDE - added SLAX splash screen - cursor theme changed to Crystal (from - added new skin for mplayer
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: OpenSource / GPL

Dimensioni: 167MB

OS: Linux

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