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News del 17 Luglio 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Per i cultori delle distribuzioni Linux Live-on-cd, rilasciata una nuova versione di questa distro basata sulla più famosa Slackware Questa versione datata 15/07/2003 è stata ricompilata perchè la versione datata 11/07/2003 non bootava con determinate configurazioni Cambi dalla v. - added bdiff, dbdiff, xdos (dosemu+freedos suite) - added samba client and smbmount, nfs utils, rdist, rsync, nmap, bitchX - added joe, jove, jed editors, "most" filter - added fluxbox 0.9.4 window manager! - added raidtools, jfsutils, reiserfsprogs, xfsprogs, umsdos-progs, zoneinfo - added splash screen, to help with boot-parameters for kernel - you are able to install your own packages now (in /usr/local) - recompiled mplayer to gain better performance, but it seems won't help... - added possibility to copy CD to harddisk and run it from there (see FAQ) - all .cram files renamed to .img (so you can copy all files to DOS partition) - searching for CDs in /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info - added espGhostScript, GimpPrint, any2ps to show PDF files in kghostview - added Kgraphics including PDF viewer, image editor, screenshot tool, and more - created xpdf symlink to run kghostview as a PDF viewer - created ee symlink to run kview as an image viewer - initrd is back to 16 MB now, we are mounting tmpfs to /tmp and /root - removed netscape. Konqueror should be enough - removed some KDE useless themes - executables are compressed by upx packer
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source / GPL

Dimensioni: 180 Mb

OS: Linux

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