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News del 14 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Skype (Mac)

Nuova versione stabile del noto software VoIP per OS X.

Note di rilascio:

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac. In this release, we have worked on improving the quality of the overall user experiences.

New features and improvements in Skype 6.3 for Mac include:

- See a slideshow of other participants in a group call when you are the current speaker
- New In-Call DTMF dial pad

See a slideshow of other participants in a group call when you are the current speaker

When you are the current speaker in a group call, you will see a slideshow of other participants in the call monitor.
When you are the current speaker in a group call and someone else is screen sharing, you will see a slideshow of the other participants in the main call view.

New In-Call DTMF dial pad

We have introduced a new in-call dial pad for generating DTMF tones. When you press the dial pad in the call toolbar while you are in a call with a phone number, the in-call dial pad will be displayed in the call screen.

Please update to the latest version of Skype for Mac and leave us feedback by visiting our Support Network or by reporting issues on our public issue tracker.

Resolved issues:

Account Changed the Profile view to always show the correct number of active subscriptions, even after a failed payment.
Localization Optimized Preferences menus for Danish, Italian Japanese and Korean. Fixed birthday and Skype WiFi connection messages in Japanese.
Generic The participant list in large group conversations will now show correctly when resizing the window continuously.
Notifications The receiving contact’s name will be spoken when the “Speak text” option is selected for the “Message Sent” event.
Notifications A New Message notification will not be sent when the user comes back online from offline with a status of “Do Not Disturb”.
Notifications We once again save the value of the “Set my status Away after X minutes of inactivity” option.
Screen Sharing Hold/resume sounds will be played after starting screen sharing.
Accessibility Improved the accessibility of the dial pad.
Sign in/out User can sign into Skype with “Call Recorder” software installed.

Known issues:

Notifications Birthday notifications do not work. Fix is in progress.

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