Skype 6.2

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News del 13 Febbraio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Skype 6.2

Nuova versione stabile del noto software VoIP per Windows e OS X.

Changelog Windows:

Changes in comparison with previous release:

New top toolbar with all major actions together in one place.
Send eGift to friend who has a birthday
Added option to send IM with ctrl+enter.
Computers with Intel Pentium 3 or similar CPU’s, which do not support SSE2 instructions, are not supported anymore.

Fixed issues:

Profile Profile country setting did not get saved
Accessibility Some fields in incoming contact requests were not accessible.
Add contact Adding a contact window was misplaced on multi-monitor setup
File sending Changing received file name removed file extension.

Changelog Mac:

Resolved issues:

Account Skype credit amount is now identical between Skype and account window
File transfer Progress bar will disappear after completion when downloading multiple files selectively
Preferences Skype quits normally with Audio/Video preferences open
Sign in/out Skype does not hang when signing out with Facebook account
Contact Messenger contacts will not be displayed in Skype contact group
Screen Sharing Free users attempting to screen share while sending video, can now screen share immediately after
pressing ‘Continue with free call’ button in Premium Upsell window.

Known issues:

- Generic Crash can occur on login if user has non-Retina external display on Retina macbook
Select Skype in Finder (Applications Folder)
Select File > Get Info
Check “Open in  Low Resolution”
Fix is in progress for next release
- Sign in/out Crash occurs when login if “Call Recorder” software is installed. Uninstall “Call Recorder” software. Fix is in
progress for future release

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, OS X

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