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News del 11 Febbraio 11 Autore: Ste
Skype Beta

Nuova versione beta del noto software VoIP.





Full release notes for the Skype are:



New presence icons
Improved handling of calling attempts made when the user has run out of credit
Improved access to sharing functionality


Fixed issues:


Category  Description 
Accessibility  Accessibility on Call Quality Indicator was not complete 
Call Quality Indicator  Seldom Call Quality notifications could have been displayed for very short time 
Call Quality Indicator  Network connection indicator stayed red even after network connection had recovered 
Call view  Automatic call failure re-connection showed wrongly other sides name 
Calling  Missed call to online number did not display caller number 
Contact list  While browsing contact list in compact mode conversations were mistakenly opened sometimes 
Generic  Resolved many issues with right to left language displaying 
Recent list  It was possible to add to contacts unknown phone number 
Skype Home  Users avatar change was not showed out to himself on profile area until Skype was restarted 
Welcome Screen  Test call was ended when user returned to Welcome Screen 
Video  Video warning message was not displayed if webcam was in use by other application 
Video in mood  Video in mood had artifacts while displaying in profile area 

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 20.2 MB

OS: Windows

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