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News del 16 Ottobre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Skype Beta

* change: Extras Manager updated to version
* bugfix: "List index out of bounds" error was displayed on call phones dialogue when pressing enter without entering anything
* bugfix: At times, video privacy message was not shown
* bugfix: Call privacy options for Online Numbers were sometimes lost
* bugfix: Profile pictures management did not work
* bugfix: Take Video snapshot button was active even if there were no webcam present
* bugfix: It was impossible to remove second USB device from audio devices list
* bugfix: "Add contact" button was enabled even if nothing was entered into search box
* bugfix: Opening Skype from system tray did not turn off silent mode
* bugfix: French localization to Megabyte was incorrect
* bugfix: Call Phones tab default focus was not on phone number field
* bugfix: Voicemail was shown as MT67 in inbox
* bugfix: After being added to Group IM some messages were not shown instantly
* bugfix: SMS sent to user by other Skype contact was shown as MT64

bugfix: Menu Skype > Close did not work
* bugfix: Choosing an IM emoticon window did not close when closing the main window
* bugfix: Pressing "Esc" did not cancel editing conversation topic
* bugfix: Skype did not stick to screen corners
* bugfix: Logout did not work correctly
* bugfix: "Show in folder" button did not work

bugfix: SkypeOut call to number not in contact list did not take focus correctly
* bugfix: Getting Started Wizard had outdated screen shot
* bugfix: Video was automatically received even if "Automatically receive video from" option was set to "no one".

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