SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2012 (18.40)

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News del 01 Aprile 12 Autore: Gianplugged
SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2012 (18.40)
SiSoftware Sandra Lite (S.AN.D.R.A. sta per System ANalyser Diagnostic & Reporting Assistant) è un software informativo di diagnostica.  Fornisce la maggior parte delle informazioni (inclusi dati non ufficialmente documentati) necessarie alla conoscenza dell´hardware installato nonchè dei software/dispositivi utilizzati, sia hardware che software.

Il suo funzionamento è simile a quello di altri applicativi Windows, anche se Sandra si spinge oltre quanto rilevato da questi ultimi fornendo ulteriori dettagli.

Gli utenti possono creare tabelle comparative tra le varie componenti testate grazie ai numerosi test di riferimento inseriti all´interno del programma.

E´ possibile inoltre ottenere informazioni dettagliate su: CPU, chipset, adattatori video, porte, stampanti, schede audio, memorie, rete, impostazioni interne di Windows, AGP, connessioni ODBC, USB2, 1394/Firewire e molto altro ancora.


What´s New in 18.40:

- Removable Storage Benchmark: now uses I/O queues (based on number of system threads) just like the Physical Disks and File Systems benchmarks. This allows better performance on SSDs and other drives that can sustain more IOPS than 1 thread can handle.

Why did it not use queues already? The benchmark is *not* meant to test IOPS at various data block sizes - but performance in creating / reading / deleting *files*, e.g. when copying / backing up to a removable disk. Creating or reading files (open, read/write, close) carries more overhead than reading/writing blocks of an opened file.

In most cases, the change should not cause scores to change when testing HDDs, USB2 drives, etc. When testing SSDs, SANs or fast USB3 high-IOPS devices, score of small files will increase. As USB3 devices and controllers have now become mainstream, this update was required.

Note that Virus Checkers may scan these test files either on open or on close; you may want to exclude temporary files (.tmp) from the scan so that the score is not affected.

- Cache/Memory Latencies Benchmark: has remained single-threaded in order to maintain consistency with previous scores. Running multi-threaded runs into various issues on certain processors and thus cannot be enabled at this time. Should we find work-arounds, the benchmark will be updated before Sandra 2013.
- CUDA GPGPU: Updated to CUDA SDK 4.1; note that future CUDA 4.2 will be needed for "Kepler" and to compile the code into "proper" Kepler object code. Currently Sandra contains code for CUDA 2.x and 1.x devices (hybrid PTX), another one will likely be required for Kepler.
- OpenCL GPGPU: Updated support for AMD/ATI 7700, 7800, 7900 series, nVidia Kepler.

Known Issues:

- CUDA/OpenCL Crypto GPGPU Benchmark: Hashing still fails on the latest nVidia drivers on Fermi; strangely Kepler has no problem with it, nor do older 1.x devices (e.g. GT200, older).
- nVidia may fix it eventually.
- CUDA/OpenCL Memory Bandwidth Benchmark: some driver/card combinations still have problems transferring large blocks sizes; you may find power management clocking the PCIe bus lower (e.g. 3.0 > 2.0 > 1.x speeds) and not scaling up enough to transfer at full speed.
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