SiSoft Sandra pro (2001.10.8.39)

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News del 03 Ottobre 01 Autore: Cānaro
Nuova release di questo indispensabile utility con cui č possibile avere informazioni del proprio sistema, individuare problemi ed eseguire benckmarks.

Sandra (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) 001 Professional Released: The new Sandra has been released. It contains a wealth of new features and improvements, most notable being enhanced database and queue delivery support. Most known issues with the previous version have been resolved in this version. Here's a breakdown:

-Enhanced GUI with Windows XP themes support; enhanced look and functions; enhanced wizards.
-Terminal Server & removable media execution support. Self-registration.
-Support for advanced SMP hardware with multiple chipsets/bridges/APICs/host controllers/etc. support.
-FLD design.
-Report profiles support (pre-defined profiles/scripts).
-Report encryption (128-bit & higher) support.
-MSMQ report delivery support.
-Support for Intel i830, i845, PIII-S/M; VIA Cyrix III/C3, KT266, Pro266, P4X266; SMSC LPCs; -AMD Athlon 4/MP.
-Resolved detection of devices that report incorrect ID numbers (e.g. Compaq/FIC).
-Fixed various issues with detection (chipset, system monitoring chips, etc.) See FAQ for details.

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