SiS655-R658 Chipsets Review

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News del 01 Aprile 03 Autore: Canaro
Digit-Life ha pubblicato un interessante (in inglese), articolo in cui ha messo a confronto i chipset SiS per piattaforma Intel.Conclusion Sadly, but we don't understand why SiS rolled out its SiS R658... I just hope that the board we tested could get damaged during the transportation. Or it is a very deep beta version, and the engineers' aim was only to make it work. So, if this chipset becomes widespread and manufacturers start making boards on it, we will retest it. SiS655 looks more attractive. Its single-channel mode can be collated with i845GE to estimate effectiveness of usage of the memory controller in the chipsets of two manufacturers, but let's leave it for those who are really interested in it taking into account that the diagrams show that clearly. But it doesn't make much sense to compare them because it's not difficult to get two memory modules of the same speed for a dual-channel mode, and the speed different is well seen. Besides, I won't focus on the difference between two dual-channel modes of SiS655, because the requirements for "2x64" are not so strict compared to "1x128", and the latter turns out to be faster. We will only compare "SiS655 2x64" to i845GE, iE7205 and i850E and define winners and losers. It may seem to be too primitive, but it will shows the true situation. So, let's zip through the diagrams and draw up a small table. "+" means victory of SiS655, "-" shows that the competitor wins, and "=" means a draw game.
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