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News del 29 Ottobre 03 Autore: Alberto
Shareaza RC
Rilasciata una nuova versione beta di questo innovativo servent P2P che permette fra l'altro l'utilizzo di più Network contemporaneamente:<B> G2, eDonkey2000, BitTorrent ed il vecchio Gnutella.</b> <font color=blue size=1> What's new:: <ul> <li><B>Shareaza Goes Unicode</B> Shareaza is now a Unicode application, complimenting the existing Unicode support in Gnutella2. You can now import, share, search for and download files in any language, including languages with non-Latin characters. This version also comes with a new selection of language options, finaly making Shareaza a truely global file-sharing application. <li><b>Decentralised "trackerless" BitTorrent</b> BitTorrent has proven to be a great way to distribute high demand files, but its reliance on tracker servers has made it vulnerable to sites going down and other server problems. The latest Shareaza version offers a solution by eliminating the need for tracker servers altogether. Whether the tracker is up or down or gone forever, the torrent download still works. Shareaza now leverages the powerful decentralised search capabilities of the Gnutella2 network to bring torrent downloaders together, even if the tracker is down (or if there is no tracker to begin with). Once download peers are found, the standard BitTorrent transfer protocols kick in and complete the download with the usual speed benefits.(Note that Shareaza still fully supports trackers when downloading and seeding Torrents) <li><b>New Shareaza Remote</b> The latest version sports a classy new "Shareaza Remote" which controls and monitors essential functions while the main program is hidden or minimised. Monitor bandwidth, play media, start downloads, etc, without having to open Shareaza. Fully skinnable of course, a bit like Winamp skinning but without fixed sizes or positions. <li><b>Other Improvements</b> <ul><li>More stable/robust <li>New GWebCache set for easier connection <li>Some new ed2k protocol updates eg. server compression, and some server communications fixes <li>New selectable upload bandwidth limiting modes (average capping or peak/maximum capping) for sensitive DSL, etc <li>Some general GUI tuning across the board <li>Better reliability and performance with BitTorrent, compatible with more tracker sites <li>Loads of other minor stuff. </ul> </ul> </font> Assolutamente da provare, anche perchè Shareaza è rimasto uno dei pochissimi servent P2P assolutamente privo di spy/adware, <font color=red> solo un po' di attenzione per gli utenti meno esperti in quanto è una versione beta e quindi potenzialmente instabile.</font> <font color=green size=1> Il programma contiene anche la localizzazione in italiano (curata da me e dall'amico Gabrielli e il nostro <a href= target=_blank><b>DaNieLz</b></a> )</font>
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 2,62 Mb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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