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News del 12 Marzo 03 Autore: Alberto
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo innovativo servent P2P.Queste le novità:New things:- Some sleek GUI changes, looks cooler - Usernames in search results and reviews - Easy-rating feature in album view, rate files with one click! - Info-bar in media player - New "Search For" tool in the library & search results, finds related files, for example: - "Search for more episodes in this series", very useful! - Upload filters to show/hide active, queued and old uploads - New bitrate selection in audio searches, search specific bitrates or ranges (eg 128-256) - Details panels now show full-width and multi-line metadata! This really rocks. - Separate queue & slot information for each fileFixes:- Fixed parsing port numbers in alternate sources, making more good sources available - Fixed keyboard scrolling in search results - you can at last navigate with the keyboard! - Improved download logic to try new sources before retrying old/known bad ones - Fragmentation size adjusts to available tigertree data resolution - Optimised search result construction, faster now - Fixed the "popup window flicker" when playing videos, smooth as silk now - Fixed error in "application.xml" file - Fixed over-broad searching when using metadata fields (full match needed) - Fixed scroll strangeness in some library views - Improved thumbnailing, thumbs now taken from the middle of the video, choosing keyframes and detecting darkness more effectively - AVI thumbnails are more stable now, too - Fixed a possible instability in remote thumbnail serving (reported once) - Separate queue & upload status for small / large files (for the two independent queues) - More natural specification of file size filters (dynamic units) - Optimised several protocol areas to reduce size - Added support for SSL GWebCache connections, I hope - Added chat timestamp option - Improved firewall detection - Generally did good thingsIl programma contiene anche la localizzazione in italiano.Data: 12/03/2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1,83 Mb

OS: Win 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP

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