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News del 01 Gennaio 03 Autore: Alberto
Prosegue la fase beta test di Shareaza con una nuova release.Queste le novità direttamente dalle parole di Mike:
  • Tooltips are back, they disappeared in .16 due to a bug.
  • New download manager option, to run all web downloads through Shareaza.
  • New person to person chat system, a whole lot cooler than before.
  • A number of miscellaneous bugs were fixed also. The new chat is much nicer than the old one, be sure to check it out. Chatting with other .18 users is of course more rewarding than chatting with previous versions.
  • You may notice there is support for text formatting and "emoticons", and a button to insert them, however there don't appear to be any emoticons there yet! This is because I haven't made any. I'm hoping to arrange to be able to use a set of pre-existing emoticons, or create a new set for Shareaza. In the mean time you can actually use the emoticons from the popular Trillian IM software, as Shareaza understands its XML formats. Download this file: ...and unzip it in your Shareaza folder (it places files in the "Data" folder). Upon restarting Shareaza, you'll have the Trillian emoticons. These are obviously not mine to use at the moment, so a more permenant arrangement will need to be reached for the next beta! However they look very cool :)
  • Chat will be expanded much futher in the future, with distributed chat rooms etc.
  • But this is a start.!
Attenzione: versione beta potenzialmente instabile e incompleta e quindi adatta per un'utenza esperta. Questa versione contiene anche il nuovo file - ancora non completo - della traduzione italiana curata sempre da me e dall'amico Francesco!Data: 31/12/2002
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