Sandboxie 3.58

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News del 28 Agosto 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Sandboxie 3.58
Sandboxie è un software il quale consente la creazione di ambienti operativi isolati (sandbox) in cui possono essere avviate o installate le applicazioni senza alcun tipo di modifica permanente all´unità locale.

Lo scopo di creare un ambiente virtuale isolato è quello di poter provare programmi non affidabili o di test e di navigare in Internet in completa sicurezza.


These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.56.

  • Usability
  • Several common dialog windows in Sandboxie Control windows can be minimized: Sandbox Settings, Delete Contents, Quick Recovery, Immediate Recovery, Messages from Sandboxie.
  • Reduced flickering in the main Sandboxie Control view.
  • Restored support for the Finnish and French languages.
  • Changes in Quick and Immediate Recovery:
    • Multiple files can be selected for recovery in a Quick Recovery window.
    • New button to select all files in Quick or Immediate Recovery.
    • New "Yes to All" button can replace multiple files when recovering.
    • Immediate Recovery can open the folder for the recovered file, or run the file directly.
    • Recovery Log (in Sandboxie Control View menu) displays a log of recently recovered files.
  • The Messages from Sandboxie window can optionally adjust some settings:
    • Turn off Drop Rights when message SBIE2219 appears.
    • Permit programs to start (for message SBIE1308) or access the Internet (for message SBIE1307).
    • Adjust File Migration limit when message SBIE2102 appears.
  • Changes in the border feature:
    • The border around sandboxed windows can be set to appear only when the cursor is in the title area of the window.
    • This border mode, with the border color set to yellow, is now the default setting for new sandboxes.
    • The border rectangle is adjusted to wrap around the Windows Aero thick window frame.
    • The border is temporarily hidden when any part of it would be obscured by another window.
  • Compatibility
  • Firefox places.sqlite file is excluded from file migration limits.
  • Windows Explorer thumbcache_*.db files are excluded from file migration limits.
  • When running under Sandboxie, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 correctly displays embedded preview.
  • When running under Sandboxie, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint will not create superfluous buttons on the taskbar.
  • Improved compatibility with security software: avast! pro 6 SafeZone browser, BitDefender Anti-Phishing toolbar, and iolo System Mechanic.
  • Improved compatibility with web proxy software: Easy Hide IP, HMA! Pro VPN, VPNTunnel Anonymous Internet.
  • Improved compatibility with third-party utilities: Eraser 6, Google Japanese IME tool, RoboForm sync, Sothink Web Video Downloader Stand-alone.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 2.0 MB

OS: Windows

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