Sandboxie 3.40

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News del 02 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Sandboxie 3.40

# Translations:

* Macedonian translation contributed.

# New Features:

* Full support for Windows 7.
* Improved support for User Account Control (UAC) elevation: Elevationrequests are handled by the Sandboxie Start.exe program. (WindowsVista/7. Elevation from a standard user account is not supported atthis time.)
* Improved support for WinSxS assemblies eliminateserror 14001 for sandboxed programs, and makes it possible to install awider range of software.
* Configuration Protection: Sandboxie configuration can be locked for Administrator-only access or with a password.
* A new "Run As UAC Administrator" option appears in the Run AnyProgram window and the right-click Run Sandboxed sandbox selectionwindow. (Windows Vista/7.)
* Sandbox folders are created with a Sandboxie icon.

# Fixes:

* Tightened protection to prevent actions by malicious programs such asclosing windows outside the sandbox, changing the password for thelogged-on user account, changing system parameters or colors, orinitiating logoff sequence.
* SandboxieCrypto service takes only a few seconds to start, rather than a few minutes. (Windows Vista/7.)
* Alleviate need for all programs in the sandbox to run asAdministrator when installing new software, thus permitting software tobe installed directly from the browser, for example. (Typically appliesto Windows Vista/7.)
* Color border appears even when the taskbar is hidden.
* Sandboxed progams have improved handling for arrival/removal of new drive letters.
* Improved support for sandboxed programs writing files into directory junctions and volume mount points.
* Improved access to hardware devices by sandboxed programs.
* Sandboxie AutoPlay cancellation when CD/DVD drives are forced honors the Disable Forced Programs mode.
* Fixed a problem when Sandboxie is installed to a folder with non-English characters in its name.
* Changed default delete sandbox command for Eraserl secure delete:
Use -method DoD_E -resultsonerror rather than -method Gutmann -results.
* For a full list of changes, see topics and discussion in the Sandboxie Beta Version 3.39 forum.

# Third-party software:

* Improved compatibility with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, NortonInternet Security 2010 and ZoneAlarm Security Suite 9.
* Improved interoperability of Microsoft Outlook under Sandboxie and Windows Desktop Search outside Sandboxie.
* Improved support with some download manager software.
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