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News del 25 Gennaio 02 Autore: Cānaro
CDR info ha recensito il masterizzatore IDE Samsung SW-224B.

ecco il riassunto finale:

+ positive

- Supports 24x writing speeds
- "ExacLink" anti-buffer underrun technology
- Can write most media at 24x writing speed
- Low C1 errors with almost all media
- Good PSX reading time
- Very good DAE quality with scratched CDs
- Supports DAO-RAW
- Good CloneCD reading performance
- Can backup SD2 protected CDs
- Supports reading/writing of SubChannel Data
- Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
- Supports Overburning (up to 99mins)
- Supports Ultra-DMA 33 connection interface
- Retail package includes Nero 5.5x
- Low Price ($80-90)
- Very low hoise while operating

negative -

- Reading/writing performance in lower than what competition offers
- Low packet writing performance
- Cannot read/rip protected AudioCDs

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