Samba 4.1.8

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News del 04 Giugno 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Samba 4.1.8
Samba è un software open source che permette di ottenere interoperabilità tra Linux, Unix, Mac OS X e Windows.

Note di rilascio:

This is the latest stable release of Samba 4.1.

Please note that this bug fix release also addresses two minor security issues
without being a dedicated security release:

o CVE-2014-0239: dns: Don´t reply to replies (bug #10609).
o CVE-2014-0178: Malformed FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS response
(bug #10549).

For more details including security advisories and patches, please see

Changes since 4.1.7:

o Michael Adam <>
* BUG 10548: build: Fix ordering problems with lib-provided and internal

o Jeremy Allison <>
* BUG 3124: s3: smb2: Fix ´xcopy /d´ with samba shares.
* BUG 10544: s3: lib/util: Fix logic inside set_namearray loops.
* BUG 10564: Fix lock order violation and file lost.
* BUG 10577: Fix wildcard unlink to fail if we get an error rather than
trying to continue.

o Andrew Bartlett <>
* BUG 10569: dsdb: Do checks for invalid renames in samldb, before

o Björn Baumbach <>
* BUG 10239: s3: nmbd: Reset debug settings after reading config file.
* BUG 10544: s3: lib/util: set_namearray reads across end of namelist
* BUG 10556: lib-util: Rename memdup to smb_memdup and fix all callers.

o Kai Blin <>
* BUG 10609: CVE-2014-0239: dns: Don´t reply to replies.

o Alexander Bokovoy <>
* BUG 10517: Use exit_daemon() to communicate status of startup to

o David Disseldorp <>
* BUG 10590: byteorder: Do not assume PowerPC is big-endian.
* BUG 10612: printing: Fix purge of all print jobs.

o Benjamin Franzke <>
* BUG 10524: Fix adding NetApps.

o Abhidnya Joshi <>
* BUG 10547: idmap_autorid: Fix failure in reverse lookup if ID is from
domain range index #0.

o Stefan Metzmacher <>
* BUG 10472: script/autobuild: Make use of

o Noel Power <>
* BUG 10554: Fix read of deleted memory in reply_writeclose()´.

o Jose A. Rivera <>
* BUG 10151: Extra ´:´ in msg for Waf Cross Compile Build System with
Cross-answers command.
* BUG 10348: Fix empty body in if-statement in continue_domain_open_lookup.

o Christof Schmitt <>
* BUG 10549: CVE-2014-0178: Malformed FSCTL_SRV_ENUMERATE_SNAPSHOTS

o Andreas Schneider <>
* BUG 10472: wafsamba: Fix the installation on FreeBSD.
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