Samba 4.0.7

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News del 05 Luglio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Samba 4.0.7
Samba è un software open source che permette di ottenere interoperabilità tra Linux, Unix, Mac OS X e Windows.
Note di rilascio:

This is is the latest stable release of Samba 4.0.

Major enhancements in Samba 4.0.7 include:

o  Fix a core dump with invalid lock order while opening/editing   or copying MS files (bug #9794).
o  Fix crash bug from search of mail= (bug #9967).
o  winbind4: talloc use after free (bug #9832).

Changes since 4.0.6:

o   Michael Adam <>
    * BUG 9909: build: Add missing new line to replaced python shebang line.

o   Jeremy Allison <>
    * BUG 9794: Fix a core dump with invalid lock order while opening/editing or copying MS files.

o   Andrew Bartlett <>
    * BUG 9465: s3-rpc_server: Ensure we are root when starting and using gensec.
    * BUG 9906: Doc fixes for 4.0.
    * BUG 9907: Build fixes for 4.0 found during autoconf or debian packaging work.
    * BUG 9967: Fix crash bug from search of mail=.
    * BUG 9968: Fix build with system Heimdal of samba4kgetcred.

o   Björn Baumbach <>
    * BUG 9947: Check for netbios aliases in ad_get_referrals.
o   Kai Blin <>
    * BUG 9485: Add support for MX queries.
    * BUG 9559: dns: Delete dnsNode objects when they are empty.
    * BUG 9632: dns: Support larger queries when asking forwarder.

o   David Disseldorp <>
    * BUG 8997: Change libreplace GPL source to LGPL.
    * BUG 9900: is_printer_published GUID retrieval.
    * BUG 9910: PIE builds not supported.

o   Peng Haitao <>
    * BUG 9941: Fix a bug of drvupgrade of smbcontrol.

o   Björn Jacke <>
    * BUG 9880: Use of wrong RFC2307 primary group field.

o   Volker Lendecke <>
    * BUG 9832: winbind4: talloc use after free.
    * BUG 9953: Fix tevent_poll on 32-bit machines (Coverity ID 989236).

o   Stefan Metzmacher <>
    * BUG 9805: s3:lib/server_mutex: Open mutex.tdb with CLEAR_IF_FIRST.
    * BUG 9929: s4:winbind: Don´t leak libnet_context into the main event context.

o   Andreas Schneider <>
    * BUG 9881: Check for system libtevent.

o   Michael Wood <>
    * BUG 9964: docs: Avoid mentioning a possibly misleading option.

o   Vadim Zhukov <>
    * BUG 9888: More generic check for OpenBSD platform.
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