Samba 3.6.2

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News del 26 Gennaio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Samba 3.6.2
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Release Announcements

This is the latest stable release of Samba 3.6.

Major enhancements in Samba 3.6.2 include:

o Make Winbind receive user/group information (bug #8371).o Several SMB2 fixes.

Changes since 3.6.1:

o Michael Adam <>
* BUG 8528: Fix SEGFAULT from net registry export on not zero terminatedREG_SZ values.

o Jeremy Allison <>
* BUG 8541: readlink() on Linux clients fails if the symlink target isoutside of the share.
* BUG 8542: smbclient posix_open command fails to return correct info onopen file.
* BUG 8548: winbind_samlogon_retry_loop ignores logon_parameters flags.
* BUG 8561: Password change settings not fully observed.
* BUG 8562: Fix double free error in talloc.
* BUG 8614: Ensure we correctly calculate reply credits over all returnedSMB2 replies.
* BUG 8631: POSIX ACE x permission becomes rx following mapping to and froma DACL.
* BUG 8636: When returning an ACL without SECINFO_DACL requested, we stillset SEC_DESC_DACL_PRESENT in the type field.
* BUG 8644: vfs_acl_xattr and vfs_acl_tdb modules can fail to addinheritable entries on a directory with no stored ACL.
* BUG 8663: Fix deleting a symlink if the symlink target is outside of* the share.
* BUG 8664: Fix renaming a symlink if the symlink target is outside ofthe share.
* BUG 8673: Fix NT ACL issue.
* BUG 8674: Fix buffer overflow issue with AES encryption in samba trafficanalyzer.
* BUG 8679: recvfile code path using splice() on Linux leaves data in thepipe on short write.
* BUG 8687: Fix typo in ‘net memberships’ usage.
* BUG 8710: Fix major leak with SMB2 in connections.tdb.
* Fix a crash bug in the spoolss code.
* Add new contributing FAQ announcing acceptance of corporate (C).

o Christian Ambach <>
* BUG 8444: Add an allocation pool to idmap_autorid.* BUG 8585: Increase a debug level.

o Andrew Bartlett <>* BUG 8623: Fix crash bug when trying to browse Samba printers.

o Björn Baumbach <>* BUG 8580: Enable inotify if sys or kernel inotify is available.* BUG 8618: Fix migrate printer code.

o Gregor Beck <>* BUG 8528: Fix SEGFAULT from net registry export on not zero terminatedREG_SZ values.

o Günther Deschner <>
* BUG 7465: Remove pointless use_memory_krb5_ccache.
* BUG 8176: Fix perl path.
* BUG 8591: Fix marshalling of samr_ChangePasswordUser3.
* BUG 8692: libads: Fix malloc/talloc mismatch inads_keytab_verify_ticket().

o David Disseldorp <>
* BUG 4942: DeletePrinterDriverEx deletes files in use.
* BUG 8575: Add systemd service files.
* BUG 8606: Fix intermittent print job failures caused by characterconversion errors.
* BUG 8697: Make DeletePrinterDriverEx remove printer driver files.

o Björn Jacke <>
* BUG 8531: Make DSO_EXPORTS_CMD more portable.
* BUG 8616: Allow to set TCP_NODELAYACK socket option on AIX.
* BUG 8652: Document the “ignore system acls” option of vfs_acl_xattr andvfs_acl_tdb vfs modules.

o Frank Lahm <>
* BUG 8419: Make VFS op “streaminfo” stackable.

o Volker Lendecke <>
* BUG 8371: Make Winbind receive user/group information.
* BUG 8639: Fix the vfs_commit module.
* BUG 8686: Packet validation checks can be done before length validationcausing uninitialized memory read.

o Stefan Metzmacher <>
* BUG 5326: Fix cli_write_and_x() against OS/2 print shares.
* BUG 8357: Grant credits in async interim responses (SMB2).
* BUG 8560: Make SMB2 handle compound request headers in the same wayas Windows.
* BUG 8573: Fix alignment in the non-extended-security negprot.
* BUG 8586: libsmb: Only align unicode pipe_name.
* BUG 8579: smb2_flush: Don’t send uninitialized memory.
* BUG 8592: Don’t limit the number of open dptrs for SMB2.
* BUG 8593: Fix a crash bug in cldap_socket_recv_dgram().
* BUG 8684: Try ctdbd_init_connection() as root.

o Masafumi Nakayama <>
* BUG 563: Fix ‘smbclient tar’ for files greater than 8GB on BE machines.

o Matthieu Patou <>
* BUG 8600: Make cldap work over IPv6.
* BUG 8674: Fix buffer overflow issue with AES encryption in samba trafficanalyzer.

o Andreas Schneider <>
* BUG 8550: Fix setting the machine account password.
* BUG 8575: Add systemd service files.
* BUG 8608: Winbind: Don’t fail on users without a uid.
* BUG 8628: libsmb: Don’t duplicate Kerberos service tickets.
* BUG 8643: Add an update function for Winbind cache.
* BUG 8678: Fix Winbind segfault if we can’t map the last user.

o Karolin Seeger <>
* BUG 7705: Fix some RHEL packaging issues.

o Richard Sharpe <>
* BUG 8607: Improve so it can be used outside the Samba sourcetree.

o Brad Smith <>
* BUG 8525: Fix bug with sys_fseek() wrapper on *BSD / OS X).

o Henry Wong <>
* BUG 8384: Fix Windows XP clients crashing smbd process every once in awhile.
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