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News del 09 Febbraio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
SWareT (acronimo di SlackWare Tool) è uno script che aiuta a mantenere aggiornata la propria distribuzione Slackware GNU/LinuxChangeLog:Version 1.6.1 ------------------- - Fixed: --dep KEYWORD - Fixed: User input with Manual mode must be either one of the choices, or for default. - Fixed: --extra action. - Updated: --update (Tweaks) - Updated: Dependency Support - Updated: --update ; swaret will first Fetch the CHECKSUMS.md5 List File, and will check out wether the other cached List Files are up-to-date are not. This way, swaret will work MUCH faster ;-) - Updated: Dependency Support ; swaret will Fetch from now on also the Libraries List on Repositories created with 'swaret-tools'. By this way, we do not need to Download the MANIFEST.bz2 File (Libraries Package) to attach Libraries to Package Names. And if swaret fails with Fetching the Libraries List on any Repository, it will still try to Fetch the Libraries Package. - Updated: swaret Slackware Package - Install Script. swaret will check out if the installed swaret Language File is up-to-date or not. If it isn't up-to-date, swaret will Install a newer Version. - Updated: (/usr/doc/swaret-1.6.1/HELP) HELP - Updated: (/usr/doc/swaret-1.6.1/HOW-TO-USE-SWARET) HOW-TO-USE-SWARET - Updated: (/usr/doc/swaret-1.6.1/README) README - Updated: (/usr/man/man8/swaret.8.gz) swaret(8) - Updated: (/usr/man/man5/swaret.conf.5.gz) swaret.conf(5) - Updated: (/usr/doc/swaret-1.6.1/TODO) TODO - Updated: All Language Files found in: /usr/share/swaret-1.6.1 - Added: --extra -u get ; With this new option for the --extra action you can now get Packages matching Package Names found in any file created with: --extra -u save - Added: Several Language Files: swaret.lang.BULGARIAN swaret.lang.ESPANOL_MX swaret.lang.LITHUANIAN swaret.lang.MALAY swaret.lang.POLISH swaret.lang.PORTUGUES_BR swaret.lang.SLOVAK - Rewritten: swaret(8) - Bug Fixes - I think we got all of them. ;-)
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: OpenSource G.P.L.

OS: Slackware Gnu/Linux

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