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News del 20 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Roboform è un Gestore Password tra i più quotati ed un Compilatore moduli web in grado di automatizzare completamente l´inserimento di password e la compilazione dei moduli.


* RF2Go + Firefox 31: Fix RF2Go does not work with Firefox ver 31 (official) and 32.
* Firefox 29+: fix RF minidialogs do not appear when mousing over matching passcards button.
* Firefox 29+: customization of RF toolbar position does not work in FireFox 29+.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar may disappear from Firefox after customization of its position.
* Firefox: fix RoboForm may slow down Firefox popup menu appearing on top of large pages.
* Chrome: fix Password request dialog in Chrome can appear not on top.
* Chrome: fix picking up of RF data from RFO site does not work in Chrome.
* Opera: fix RF Options->Browser Integration->Opera option disabled if old Opera was not installed.
* Opera: fix RF installer does not detect Opera 23 installed in the system.
* Fix Enable/Disable RoboForm command does not work in browsers.
* Disable AutoSave/AutoFill on non-login pages of new RFO web site.
* Form Filler: Take into account placeholder and defaultValue attributes when looking for captions.
* Form Filler: Fire onChange event for selects.
* Sync + OTP: Fix sync may finish with Unauthorized error when OTP is required.
* Sync: RF may wrongly show warning about MP changing from other computer after sync.
* Sync: create new account cia call to new RFO Server API.
* Added User Interface in Hindi.
* Compile RoboForm using Visual Studio 2012, upgrade from older version.
* Import from Firefox: fix RF import does not import bookmarks from bookmarks toolbar.
* Import from Windows Address Book: make up a valid contact name for a new contact.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware / Shareware

Dimensioni: 15.3 MB

OS: Windows

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