RoboForm 7.9.3

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News del 29 Gennaio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
RoboForm 7.9.3
Roboform è un Gestore Password tra i più quotati ed un Compilatore moduli web in grado di automatizzare completamente l´inserimento di password e la compilazione dei moduli.


* Chrome 32+: whitelist RoboForm plugin, so that Chrome does not complain about it.
* Chrome 32+: fix wrong positioning of RF windows (AutoFill, menus, minidialogs).
* Chrome 32+: fix Basic Auth does not auto-fill or auto-save.
* Firefox: fix RF installer may show ´Access Denied´ message when registering with FF.
* Firefox: fix saving passcard on a web page without favicon, it saves prevously saved icon.
* Firefox: fix RF asserts when executing manual SaveForms command on sites without site icon.
* Opera: fix Opera 18 adapter is not shown in Installed Adapters List in RF Options.
* Import: replace characters not acceptable to Windows with ´_´.
* Fix URLs shown in RF anti-phishing warning are too long, show only mismatched domains.
* Fix asserts when filling froms from Identity on
* Win32: fix RF not matching password field in some MSAA forms.
* Fix filling login credentials on login page.
* AutoUpdate: do not check versions of discontinued products.
* AutoUpdate: correctly handle proxy authentication.
* Installer: fix Closer sometimes not showing process icons.
* Fox RF tray icon menu opens at the current mouse location instead of next to RF tray icon.
* Toolbars: show a minidialog by mouse click when there is no mouse over (touch screen).
* Fix RF tray icon app is not started when user enters Master Password and AutoLogoff is On.
* Fix RF Editor position shifts up when Windows taskbar is placed on top (left) of the screen.
* Enterprise only: add policies for logging of user actiivty.
* Preparations for full client-server architecture.
* Local file management: switch to ´/´ paths for better multi-platform compatibility.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware / Shareware

Dimensioni: 13.5 MB

OS: Windows

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