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News del 30 Settembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Roboform è un Gestore Password tra i più quotati ed un Compilatore moduli web in grado di automatizzare completamente l´inserimento di password e la compilazione dei moduli.


* Windows 8.1 EPM: Register RoboForm Toolbar as compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode.
* Windows 8.1 EPM: Ask user to disable Enhanced Protected Mode to make RF work.
* Filler: Fix RF does not click Submit button in form.
* Filler: fix Cannot Find Submit/Login Button in MetLife eservice login.
* Filler IE: Fix RF can not save typed value on
* Firefox: fix focus problems that may result in text input keyboard going to RF auto-save toolbar.
* Firefox: fix manual SaveForms command does not save site icon.
* Site Icons: fix RF can not save site icons with relative path in link tag.
* Firefox, AutoSave: fix AutoSave may not work on sites without site icon.
* Add FF-based Palemoon browser to the list of auto-attached to browsers.
* Chrome: Fix basic authentication does not work in Google Chrome 29.
* Chrome, Lower RF Toolbar: fix Close button does not work.
* Chrome Frame Plugin in IE: fix RoboForm integration issues.
* Chrome: fix several form filling and auto-save issues.
* Opera Import: make import from 64-bit Opera files work too.
* Fix browser selections are disabled in a different Windows account.
* Installer Closer: fix bugs that may cause crashes and freezes.
* Enterprise: add ´DisableFillWithoutSubmit´ policy.
* Editor: fix old password is shown in Notes when RF auto-changes it on web site change.
* Editor: show RF Profile name in the Home item in RF Editor if there are more than one RF profiles.
* Editor: fix field values may appear scrolled so that some chars at the left are not visible.
* Auto Logoff: fix Master Password not uncached after sleep and wake up.
* Auto Logoff: turn ON Auto Logoff by default, even for old users, to increase security.
* Sync: reduce automatic sync wait after changing RF Data to 10 sec, was 60 sec.
* Sync: pass thru connection and other error messages, better error processing.
* Sync and Everywhere account: allow passwords with spaces.
* Sync: Fix RF files with long non-EN names can not be uploaded to RFO server.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware / Shareware

Dimensioni: 13.5 MB

OS: Windows

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