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News del 27 Febbraio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Roboform è un Gestore Password tra i più quotati ed un Compilatore moduli web in grado di automatizzare completamente l´inserimento di password e la compilazione dei moduli.


* Chrome: fix RF toolbar and AutoFill dialog are not sometimes not shown.
* Chrome: fix AutoSave does not work for BasicAuth dialog in Chrome.
* Chrome: redo waiting for NavigateComplete, to cut off wait for completion.
* Firefox: fix memory leaks.
* Firefox: fix rare cycling of toolbar smart resize.
* Firefox: add ´Toolbar text color´ setting to RF addon options page.
* Firefox: make RF appear correctly on transparent aero-glass themes.
* Filler: fix Form Filler truncates values when filling in text fields with maxLength attribute.
* Win32: fix attaching to Google Talk.
* Win32: fix Win32 passcard malformed Go To URL may freeze RF.
* Win32: fix RF could cause initial QB login box malfunction.
* DND: fix RF dialog that appears when dropping text to a window that does not support DND.
* Fix Show Passcard may show fields of dual password passcard with only first part entered.
* Rf2Go: add to passcard context menu: Add/Remove from Most Popular / Start Page.
* Activation dialog: show it automatically after purchase on RF site.
* Activation dialog: fix activation dialog sometimes shown for Pro users.
* Activation: fix RF Activation via browser does not work in FF.
* Activation: add Proxy Settings into Activation dialog.
* Show Passcard dialogs: fix several UI appearance issues.
* Sync: fix RF warns that MP was changed was another computer when it did not.
* Sync: indicate waiting for another sync to finish, restart Analyze after it does.
* Sync Setup: allow to override sync locks during sync setup.
* Closer: fix sometimes RF Closer tries to close desktop window.
* Closer: fix RF Closer did not close IE8 in some cases.
* Editor: Rewrite keyboard focus and navigation system.
* UI: multiple fixes, to always use correct theme, set focus correctly.
* Print List: fix IE print preview leaves temp html file in temp folder in some cases.
* Print List: Always ask for Master Password when reading files for print preview.
* Fix miscellaneous crashes.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Freeware / Shareware

Dimensioni: 12.4 MB

OS: Windows

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