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News del 29 Settembre 02 Autore: Luke
Nuova release per questa utility per il tweaking delle schede video Nvidia. Si tratta ancora di una versione beta, quindi da usare con attenzione, vista anche la natura del programma. Supporta anche i recentissimi Detonator 40.71. Changelog del programma: What’s new:
  • Full Detonator 40.xx support including the latest Detonator 40.71.
  • Added databases for the Detonators 30.82 (for both Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP), 31.00, 31.40, 40.41 (for Windows 2000/XP only), 40.52 and 40.71 (for both Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP).
  • Updated 40.xx compatible patch scripts including popular AnisoBoosterOGL.
  • Revised NVStrap v1.2 driver for both Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP. New driver contains advanced PCI DeviceID programming code for GeForce4 MX440 boards. GeForce4 MX440's PCI Device ID (0x171) has no appropriate Quadro PCI DeviceID so now the NVStrap driver chooses the closest Quadro PCI DeviceID (0x178) when GeForce4 MX440 is detected.
  • Added NVStrap antiprotection patch scripts for the Detonator 30.82+ for both Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP. These scripts allow to rip the protection against strapping based DeviceID modification from the Detonator drivers and use the NVStrap driver in conjunction with the latest available Detonator drivers.
  • Added NVIDIA compressed modes format v2.0 support. Now RivaTuner's built-in 60Hz refresh rate fix wizard is fully compatible with the Detonator 40.xx. Currently RivaTuner is the only NVIDIA oriented tool, that provides nView compatible refresh rate fix for the Detonator 40.xx and doesn't corrupt nView spanned display modes when fixing 60Hz problem.
  • Added NV18, NV28 and NV30 support to the 60Hz refresh rate fix wizard.
  • Revised NVIDIA compressed modes format v1.x support. Added 848x480 and 1360x768 modes to the list of standard display modes for the Detonator 3x.xx.
  • Improved 60Hz refresh rate fix uninstaller. Now RivaTuner uses OS/GPU/Detonator dependent backups and rollbacks instead of OS/GPU dependent backups.
  • Added custom display modes / refresh rates wizard for Windows 2000 / XP (uncompressed modes formats, compressed modes format v1.x and compressed modes format v2.0 are fully supported). Now you can create your own custom resolutions (presets for NTSC 720 x 480, PAL 720 x 576, PAL 768 x 576 and 920 x 760 are included) as well as add custom refresh rates for already existing resolutions.
  • Added Detonator 40.xx compatible driver level color correction (including Digital Vibrance Control 2.0 support). Now RivaTuner provides NVRotate(tm) compatible color correction and color scheme management.
  • Fully Detonator 40.xx compatible driver level overclocking manager.
  • Increased the maximum clock frequency from 800MHz to 1000MHz in the driver level overclocking manager for DDR boards for the Detonator 27.42 and higher.
  • Added ExtEscape-based per-DAC device mask detection for the driver level color correction interface under Windows 2000/XP.
  • Extended Direct3D anisotropic filtering optimization settings:
  • Extended range of supported drivers. Now the Direct3D anisotropic filtering optimization settings are available when the Detonator 28.32 or higher is detected.
  • Extended range of supported GPUs. Added AnisoBoosterD3D patch scripts, which allow you to unlock the driver's limitations and use the Direct3D anisotropic filtering optimization options on pre-GeForce4 graphics processors too (tested on GeForce3 GPUs).
  • Added automatic Direct3D anisotropic filtering optimization capability. Now you can either check the 'Always optimize selected stages' option and force the Driect3D driver to optimize selected texturing stages always, or leave it unchecked and allow the driver to choose the best conditions for optimizing selected texturing stages automatically.
  • Extended 'OpenGL hardware acceleration mode' settings. Now besides Max acceleration / NVx compatibility / NV1x compatibility modes you may also select NV20 / NV25 / NV30 emulation modes.
  • Removed 'Hardware accelerated lines support' OpenGL option for the Detonator 40.xx.
  • Added Direct3D LMA tab for NV17 based boards.
  • Added Direct3D texture sharpening option for GeForce256 and higher for the Detonator 40.xx.
  • Removed Direct3D nearest point filtering forcing capability for the Detonator 40.52 and higher.
  • Added low level dynamic display driver reloading possibility for any display driver, which enumerates standard 4-bit VGA modes (tested on NVIDIA GeForce family and ATI RADEON 8500). This nice feature is very useful for on-the-fly display driver patching, as well, as for reinitializing the Direct3D/DirectDraw driver's context without rebooting the system.
  • Added ATI RV250 and ATI R300 GPUs support. Now RivaTuner can diagnose and overclock ATI RADEON 9000 Pro/9700/9700 Pro boards (thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with ATI RADEON 9000 Pro and ATI RADEON 9700 Pro).
  • Added AGP3.0 support. Now RivaTuner can dump diagnostic info for AGP3.0 capable motherboards and display adapters. AGP revision info is also added to both 'Northbridge info' and 'Display adapter info' diagnostic report categories. (thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with ATI RADEON 9700 PRO and VIA KT400 based motherboard).
  • Removed strapping-based bus type from the 'NVIDIA specific display adapter info' diagnostic report category.
  • Added hardwired PCI DeviceID to the 'NVIDIA specific display adapter info' diagnostic report category. Now RivaTuner's diagnostic report contains the real hardwired PCI DeviceID as well as the PCI DeviceID programmed via the strapping register.
  • Added 'Monitor EDID dump' and 'Monitor EDID details' categories to the low level graphics subsystem diagnostic module. Now RivaTuner may dump raw EDID data as well as decode some EDID 1.x parameters (EDID version, manufacturer and model IDs, date of manufacture, serial number, input signal type, maximum dot clock and the ranges of supported horizontal / vertical scan frequencies) if the monitor's EDID is found in Windows registry.
  • Added memory bus type detection for NV17 based boards due to 64-bit DDR GeForce4 MX420 announce.
  • Added VIA KT400 to the list of supported northbridges.
  • Added Matrox, S3 and 3dfx (rest in peace ;)) to the vendors list.
  • Changed default UI preferences for Windows XP. Now RivaTuner uses 'Skinned controls' mode instead of 'Skinned background' mode by default.
  • Revised RivaTuner.sys driver loading method in order to make RivaTuner compatible with Windows XP fast user switching feature. Now the driver is loaded in shared mode instead of exclusive. Also RivaTuner uses install-start-load-unload driver usage behaviour instead of install-start-load-unload-stop-uninstall (the previous mode can be also activated with the IODriverUninstallBehaviour registry entry).
  • Added GTA ]I[ troubleshooting preset for Windows XP, which allows to avoid font related issues without updating the d3d8.dll.
  • Added *.rtr files shell integration. Now you can open any *.rtr file as a current report in RivaTuner's low level graphics subsystem diagnostic module by clicking this file within the Explorer or open it as the sample report by clicking it and holding key.
  • New patch script format. Now *.rts files can contain version dependent common script.
  • Added NVStrap related questions to FAQ.
  • Minor UI changes and improvements. Bugfixes:
  • Fixed encryption lookup table for the D3D_56255736 registry entry, which prevented RivaTuner from storing certain texel alignment values correctly.
  • Fixed 'Detect now'-based defaults detection method in the low level overclocking module, which caused RivaTuner to fail to detect defaults without reboot on certain multi-monitor configurations (when both low-level O/C capable and not capable display adapters are installed in the system).
  • Fixed bug in device enumeration code, which could cause incorrect monitor type detection on certain multi-monitor systems.
  • Fixed bug in low level refresh overrider's mode switching code, which prevented RivaTuner from switching refresh override mode until restaring the application.
  • Minor UI fixes.
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