Rilasciata la Beta di Mandriva Linux 2010

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News del 23 Agosto 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Rilasciata la Beta di Mandriva Linux 2010
Mandriva rilascia la Beta di Mandriva Linux 2010, sia in versione 32 bit che 64 bit.

Le versioni KDE e Gnome verranno invece rilasciate nei prossimi giorni.

Note di rilascio:

Mandriva Linux 2010 Beta version is now available on public mirrors. This Beta version is available through

  • Free version, 32 and 64 bit DVDs
  • One version, KDE or GNOME (note that all languages are not yet available) – One isos will be uploaded next week

These isos are hybrid isos which means you can dump it on an USB keyto instal it. Use Mandriva-seeds, it’s as easy as a click!This betaversion comes with many major updates and new excuting stuff:

  • PLymouth is now managing boot splash. It allows many morepossibilities for design and effects. It comes also with KMSactivation, which reduces screen flickering, permits smooth transitionsbetween boot phase and X startup.
  • Netprofile tool has been completely rewritten. Move your desktop without even thinking about managing your network profiles.
  • Tomoyo-gui is the first GUI for Tomoyo deveopped by Mandrivaengineer. A web site will be soon available to create a developercommunity around this project.
  • KDE 4.3 reaches stable release with many improvments and stability
  • G NOME 2.27.5
  • Kernel 2.6.31 rc6

Please note that final graphical design is still not available.

You will find detailed informations about Beta on Mandriva wiki:
( ).

Please help us by testing this beta release and report bugs to Mandriva
( ).

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