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News del 27 Novembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Ennesimo programma per la navigazione e manipolazione del registro di configurazione.General Information - Use this application as a replacement for the registry editor that comes with windows (REGEDIT.EXE). - Registry Commander can do what all other registry editors can't such as cut/copy/paste, advanced search, change value type (string => binary), bookmark of keys and values, support of other types than just strings, dword and binary values. - A thing I never understood is why no registration database editors showed the size of the value data, this is properly one of the things that made me create this application! Features in Registry Commander v1.02 - Registry Commander uses some standard shortcuts defined from back in the DOS days in applications such as Norton Commander. - A column always displays the size of a values data. - Supports all 11 data types in the registry, defined in the "winnt.h" header file. Most other registry editors only handles Strings, Binary, DWord & Expanded Strings sometimes even MultiString, that's only 5. - Copy or Rename/Move entire keys and values from one key to another. - A history list has been added to quickly jump from current key to a previously key. - Cut or Copy keys and values from one key and paste them into another, using the clipboard. - Able to change a value's data type. E.g. you can change a string into a binary value without changing the contents of the data. - Search part of or the entire registry database, not only can you search by a keyword, but you can also search by size or data type. - Registry Commander allows you to bookmark keys or values so you can access them more quickly.
  • Versione: 1.02
  • Dimensione: 550Kb
  • Data: 07/06/2002
  • Licenza: Freeware
  • Compatibilità: Win9x/Me/NT/XP/2000
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