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News del 02 Marzo 02 Autore: Cānaro

Interessante programmino per smanettare nel registro di configurazione, ripulirlo ed altre funzioni sfiziose.

NB: da usarsi con estrema cautela, ed eseguire sempre il backup prima di apportare modifiche e pulizie.

Main Features:
- Browsing and editing the system Registry, in order to perform various operations on the keys and values of the system registry, export and import key values from *.reg files etc.

-Full preview of the contents of the registry files (*.reg) before importing, including direct previewing from the Explorer. When viewing contents of a reg-file, it is represented in the tree-type structure that shows all the keys to be imported to the registry.

-Clearing the registry and searching for the keys associated with the specified application and delete them if necessary. It is necessary, for example, when some application has no uninstall program and after deleting it manually, there are unnecessary records in the registry, that can result in the applications malfunctioning. At the same time, Reg Organizer performs more thorough searches and frequently finds keys that would not be found by other, similar programs.

-Configuration files management. With Reg Organizer you can open and edit (add, change, delete keys/sections etc) configuration files of the various programs.

-Importation of new (not INI) configuration files types. With Import panel of Reg Organizer you can describe a new type of a configuration file whereupon load files of this type and work with them just as with files of a known format, that allows to apply editing and change operations conformably to them.


Versione: 1.25 / 1.32 beta
Dimensione: 990Kb
Data: 01/03/2002
Licenza: Freeware
Compatibilitā: Win9x/Me/XP/2000

Reg Organizer - immagine 4ownload Reg Organizer 1.25

Reg Organizer - immagine 4ownload Reg Organizer 1.3 beta 2
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