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News del 12 Settembre 01 Autore: Mr. User

3DsoundSurge ha recensito la scheda audio Creative Sound Blaster Audigy; l'articolo pare veramente approfondito e molto ben fatto, consigliata la lettura... per chi conosce l'inglese naturalmente.

Riporto una piccola parte delle conclusioni:

The Audigy card really delivers on the promise of being a new generation and not just a minor upgrade to the Live. Music listeners will find the improved audio and reverb quality together with new cool (DREAM and Parametric equalizer) and useful (CD burning and audio clean-up) features to be compelling reasons to upgrade. If you are into music creation the improvements are even more significant since you, in addition to the above mentioned features, are likely to find the new SoundFonts 2.1 and much lower latency in ASIO to be a quantum leap over what the Live card offered. People only interested in DVD watching will have less reason to upgrade if they already have a Live 5.1 card. That’s because they will only benefit from the improved sound quality, tweaking the crossover frequency and better SPDIF pass-thru support in Windows 2000, the latter likely to be available in the next Live 5.1 driver release anyway.

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