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Included with RealVideo 9 is the ability to experience a multi-channel audio experience for streaming or other playback. Even when assigning as little as 44 kbps to audio, you can select the new RealAudio Surround codecs and preserve the multi channel surround audio embedded in conventional surround sound audio. Such content is created using Dolby Pro Logic or Circle Surround encoders.

These surround signals can be decoded by almost all of A/V receivers available on the market today as well as many that have shipped over the last several years. Additionally, many computer accessory manufactures are now adding this functionality to their systems. With RealAudio Surround, you can enjoy 5 channel audio as well as a dedicated subwoofer channel.

Unparalleled quality — State-of-the-art video at all bit rates:
30% improvement over RealVideo 8

50% improvement over RealVideo G2

Same quality at half the bit rate of MPEG-4

Same quality at quarter the bit rate of MPEG-2

Provides new capabilities — RealVideo 9 enables:
½ screen video at dial up rates

VHS quality at everyday broadband rates (starting at 160 Kbps)

Near DVD at 500 Kbps for download or streaming on high speed networks

More effective use of video in corporate and educational rich media applications such as distance learning and corporate broadcasting
etc... etc... etc... insomma nuovo codec che dovrebbe migliorare qualcosa no! sennò xké farlo? Real Video 9 - immagine 1

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