ReNamer 5.50

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News del 06 Maggio 09 Autore: Bonovox767
ReNamer 5.50
Aggiornamento per questo tool freeware per rinominare files.

  • Updated PascalScript component to the latest SVN from 11 November 2008
  • Updated Virtual Treeview component to v4.7.0
  • Updated hashing functions to use Fundamentals Hashing unit v3.06
  • Reset Unicode flag for the manual filename editor in the files table
  • Added date-time offset functions: IncDay, IncHour, IncMinute, IncSecond, etc
  • Updated binary signatures for FLV/SWF and MP3 files
  • Added 24 new binary signatures, making a total of 93 records
  • Removed error message when applying extension detection rule in analyze dialog
  • Showing of non-main forms always centered is made optional
  • Changed format of Audio_Duration tag from "Xm Xs" to "X.XX"
  • AVI and HASH tags can be read from Unicode filenames
  • Add 2 AVI helper tags: AVI_Duration and AVI_WidthAndHeight
  • Added 4 Meta tags for Outlook Messages: ID, DateSent, Subject, Sender
  • Added ShellOpenFile() function to open files via ShellExecute API
  • Another type of apostrophe is added to Case rule: Acute Accent 0x00B4
  • Fixed incorrectly adjusted time zone by the Email_DateSent tag
  • Fragments in the Case rule are replaced as Whole Words only
  • Delimiter for fragments is changed from space to comma
  • Speeded up generation of random numbers in Serialize rule
  • Unnecessary fields are automatically disabled in Serialize rule
  • Translit Alphabets will handle UTF-8 BOM correctly
  • Tab characters in PascalScript statements are replaced with spaces
  • Added "Insert after the current name" option to UserInput rule
  • Text in "Go To Line" dialog is added to resource strings
  • Improved exception handling for several dialogs
  • Updated French and added Bulgarian translit file
  • Analyze dialog now has line number and position from left and right
  • Corrected behaviour of "No" action in the meta tags confirmation dialog
  • Correctly handle renaming when user adds trailing path delimiters to new name
  • Added "Files" button above files table which brings up its popup menu
  • Auto preview on change of rules will not trigger on change of unmarked rules
  • All relative "." and ".." directories within new path are resolved
  • Added "-" (hyphen) to the CleanUp rule
  • Corrected ambiguous Kb/Mb/Gb to KB/MB/GB
  • Enhanced main icon using vector graphics
  • Rearranged file menus and options
  • Core code optimizations and cleanup
  • Corrected few typos

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OS: Windows

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