Rainmeter 2.3

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News del 26 Giugno 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Rainmeter 2.3
Software per personalizzare il nostro desktop aggiungendo informazioni quali spazio su disco, orologio, utilizzo della cpu e ram, condizioni atmosferiche, feeds ed molto altro.

Note di rilascio:

The latest release version of Rainmeter brings many improvements, both for users of the application and for those creating and editing skins. As always, Rainmeter 2.3 fully supports skins written for earlier versions, and users can simply upgrade their existing installations. There is no need to uninstall or change any existing setup to use the new version.

- There is a new, improved .rmskin (Rainmeter Skin Package) system designed to make distribution of your creations easier. The most visible change is a new Rainmeter Skin Packager application available from the Manage dialog in Rainmeter. This will allow you to quickly select skins, themes and custom plugins to add to your distribution, and create a .rmskin package users can install by simply double-clicking. Please note that as of this release of Rainmeter, both deviantART.com and Customize.org will only accept the .rmskin format for new uploads. If you want to distribute your skins on these popular sites, be sure to check out the new Rainmeter Skin Packager.

- Support for a new @Resources folder in your skins makes storing, using and distributing images, fonts, sounds and addons much easier and more reliable.

- Automatic support for custom fonts stored in the new @ResourcesFonts folder makes distributing fonts with your skins as simple as adding the font file to the skin folder and using it in your string meters.

- The About dialog for Rainmeter has been improved to provide much more information about your running skins. Improvements to the display of the current values of the measures and variables in your skins makes tracking down any problems with a skin much easier.

- The installer for Rainmeter has been simplified to make the installation of Rainmeter just a few clicks while continuing to support installation in both 32bit and 64bit environments and normal or portable installations.There have been many additions and improvements to the localization of the Rainmeter application into 35 languages and counting.

- The version notification system has been improved to better alert you when there is a new release version of Rainmeter available.

- Rainmeter is now installed and stores user files in a way that avoids most issues with User Account Control notifications or user account privileges. Rainmeter now better supports having different setups for the different user accounts on the computer.

- Formulas are now supported in all numerical options and bang parameters.

- A new OnCloseAction setting has been added to skins, to allow you to take some action when a skin is closed.

- The RecycleManager plugin has been re-designed to be much more efficient and resource friendly.

- New options have been added to the Line and Histogram meters to make horizontal and vertical placement and direction of the information in these meters much easier and more flexible.

- Changes to the options in a String meter now make both horizontal and vertical alignment much easier.

- The Calc measure has been updated to improve conditional statements as well as improve functionality when calling other measures.

- Many improvements have been made to the Lua scripting environment for Rainmeter. It is now easier to communicate information between your Lua script and your skin.

- The development environment for creating custom plugins for Rainmeter has been virtually re-written using a new much simpler and more reliable API approach. Most of the existing standard plugins for Rainmeter now support the use of dynamic variables in the measures.
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