Rainlendar 2.12

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News del 02 Gennaio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Rainlendar 2.12
Rainlendar è un completo calendario desktop multi piattaforma per l´organizzazione di to do e appuntamenti. Il programma, altamente personalizzabile nella grafica e nelle funzionalità, rappresenta una valida alternativa ai calendari standard dei software di posta elettronica.


This is beta version! It has not been tested.


o Added support for the element for the
o Generic list´s "multiline"-attribute was not accessible from lua script.
o The manager and calendar showed incorrect end date to for tasks which did not define the time component.
o Values for the variables were not parsed correctly on locales which used ´,´ instead ´.´ as decimal separator.
o Improved the wrapping in the message box.
o Google calendar (v3) can now read more than 2500 events from the server.
o Added next and previous buttons to the Shadow4´s Grid Calendar.
o RegisterMenuItems() lua method can be used to add new items to Rainlendar´s menu.
o Alarm should not constantly pop in front of other windows anymore if it is not set as topmost.
o Google calendar (v3) accesses the calendars by their id instead the name.
o It´s now possible to expand and collapse the subtasks in the todo list.
o Refresh is done automatically after successful skin/addon installation.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

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