Rainlendar 2.11

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News del 31 Dicembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Rainlendar 2.11
Rainlendar è un completo calendario desktop multi piattaforma per l´organizzazione di to do e appuntamenti. Il programma, altamente personalizzabile nella grafica e nelle funzionalità, rappresenta una valida alternativa ai calendari standard dei software di posta elettronica.


o Changed the way *.wav files are played on Windows since the old way caused crashes with some 3rd party codec packs. 
o Added support for Google alarm methods and removed the "Google Calendar alarms" setting.
o Increased the size of the calendar controls in the export dialog.
o The recurrence days for weekly recurring events which defined the start date in local time could be set incorrectly.
o Selecting a skin in the simple mode always added the alarm and tooltip windows even if the skin didn´t support them.
o Cancelling the date range dialog still opened the export file dialog when exporting events and tasks as comma separated values.
o The calendar is selected automatically in the options if there is just one.
o The SetVariable() will now store the new value to the settings file.
o Exceptions for Google calendar events should work better now.
o Cancelling or completing a recurring task disabled the next alarm instead just the current alarm.
o Initial support for Toodledo. 
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

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