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News del 27 Agosto 06 Autore: Blybly
RSSOwl v1.2.2
RSSOwl è un lettore di RSS Feed (supporta RSS,RTF e Atom) scritto in Java e quindi Multipiattaforma.
  • Caratteristiche:
    • Display any number of news in comfortable tab-folder
    • Use internal browser to display the news
    • Set any installed browser for an external view
    • Fulltext-search with syntaxhighlighting
    • Export news to PDF & HTML
    • Save news to read them offline
    • Connection through a proxy-server supported
    • Deactivate use of proxy for certain favorits
    • Import / Export RSS-Channels using OPML format
    • Save favorits in categorys (unlimited nesting)
    • Search / open a category with all favorits
    • Print news
    • Auto-Update news in certain intervalls
    • Import / Export application-settings
    • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Galician, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese
  • New Features
    • Integrated Feed-Validator now using W3C-Service
    • Windows: Improved security of embedded Browser
    • Optimized integrated Feed-Search to return more results
    • Settings are now automatically backup'ed and restored after a crash
    • A lot of Bugfixes
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 4,9 Mb per Win installer

OS: Win/Linux/Mac OS X/Solaris

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