QuickTime Alternative 1.62

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News del 18 Settembre 05 Autore: Blybly
QuickTime Alternative 1.62
QuickTime Alternative è un software che ci consentirà la riproduzione dei clip in formato QuickTime (.mov, .qt), senza avere installato il player ufficiale della Apple. Oltre al classico player dispone anche del plugin per Internet Explorer Opera/Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape.QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime (.mov .qt) files. This way there is no need to install the offical QuickTime player. As a bonus, Internet Explorer will play all QuickTime movies that are embedded in a webpage. You do need a player that is capable of handling QuickTime movies. The included Media Player Classic works very well with QuickTime. Features:
  • Media Player Classic [version]: this is a full-featured player which has internal decoding support for DVD, MPEG-2, MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3 and DTS. It also has internal support for opening Matroska and Ogg containers. Media Player Classic is also capable of playing QuickTime and RealMedia content if those codecs are installed.
  • QuickTime Codecs [version]: required for playing QuickTime content.
  • QuickTime DirectShow filter: allows you to play QuickTime content in all DirectShow enabled players. Without this filter QuickTime content can only be played in Media Player Classic.
  • QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer: allows you to view QuickTime content that is embedded in a webpage. It is installed together with the QuickTime codecs.
  • QuickTime plugin for Opera/Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape: allows you to view QuickTime content that is embedded in a webpage.
  • Extra plugins for QuickTime: plugins for viewing some special formats that are sometimes used on webpages.Changelog 1.62:
  • It is now possible to download QuickTime HD clips (only the ones that are opened by buttons).
  • Minor changes and improvements.
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    Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

    Licenza: Freeware

    Dimensioni: 10 Mb

    OS: Tutti i Windows

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