Q811383 Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update

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News del 19 Marzo 03 Autore: Eymerich
Q811383 Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update
Disponibile solo in inglese una nuova patch per Internet Explorer. Forniremo informazioni e localizzazione italiane appena possibile.Q811383 Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update: Connectivity and Certificate Display IssuesThis update fixes an issue where Internet Explorer fails to connect to a web site that uses "connection: close" header during a keep-alive connection. It also fixes an issue where a web page displays HTTP header information or an "HTTP/1.1 302 Object moved" message. Overview When you use Internet Explorer to connect to Web sites that use the "Connection: Close" header during a keep-alive connection, Internet Explorer may enter an infinite loop of trying to connect to the site. The expected behavior when this problem occurs is for Internet Explorer to continue trying to connect until the port times out or is reset. Internet Explorer also may not show a client certificate when you try to connect to a secure Web site after you are prompted for authentication by the secure site. The expected behavior when this problem occurs is that the client certificate that is used to connect to the secure Web site is not available in the list of available certificates that you can select from for authentication validation by the secure Web site. In some cases, you might receive a "Page cannot be displayed" error message when you try to connect to the secure Web site. Related Resources Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 811383 System Requirements Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP This update applies to Internet Explorer 6 SP1 with the following operating systems: Windows XP Windows 2000
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