Puppy Linux “Precise” 5.7.1

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News del 04 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Puppy Linux “Precise” 5.7.1
Puppy linux è una distribuzione che ha come scopo principale quello di rendere il computer veloce e facile da usare. Puppy Linux è molto leggera, ma allo stesso tempo fornisce una completa gamma di applicazioni.

Note di rilascio:

Precise 5.7 was released only a couple of days ago! Well, we found some bugs, hence 5.7.1 is a bug-fix release.

The announcement for 5.7 is here:

Download 5.7.1 here:

The detailed release notes:

Here are the main bugs discovered in 5.7, that are now fixed:

1. Non-US keyboards
The first serious bug discovered with 5.7 is that non-US keyboard layouts did not work properly. When X first started, any app then started, such as Geany, type into it, and it is US layout. Quit the app and restart it, then layout is correct. This happens at every bootup.
Extremely annoying, and we have narrowed the bug down to an Ubuntu DEB from the ´precise-updates´ repository, but we don´t know which one yet -- I avoided the problem by reverting to the DEBs used to build 5.6.1.

2. External optical media
Another bug with 5.7, when a user plugged in an external USB optical drive, with media inserted, the drive icon did not appear on the desktop. Fixed.

3. Playing DVD videos
In 5.7, when I tried to play a DVD video with Gnome-Mplayer, just got a blank window. Had to mess around in the Preferences, got it to go.
In Puppy, we like things to "just work". Have fixed it, except for peculiar behaviour with DVD menus -- to get those to work properly, and set the correct video-out mode, just open Preferences window then close it -- yep, that´s it, just open and close the Preferences!!! 
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