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News del 26 Settembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Process Lasso
Process Lasso è un´utility che permette di migliorare le performance del sistema, ottimizzando l´esecuzione dei processi. Tra le funzionalità, la chiusura automatica e l´assegnazione di priorità ai processi.


Fix Core Some processes not terminated or restarted in a timely manner despite being target of a watchdog rule (due to ´polite´ termination attempt).
Fix GUI Fixed problem with memory load top overlapping its background group control after a size change
Fix GUI Fix per-core metrics turned off if any data is unavailable during startup, sometimes resulting in a corrupted right side of graph
Fix GUI Experimental painting adjustments for some non-compositing (mostly XP) systems showing artifacts
Fix GUI Fix error that caused empty per-core % time utilized graphs to, rarely, be shown a minority of non-English NT5 systems that didn´t meet the pre-requisites
Fix GUI Fixed Watchdog Dialog assigning ´Working Set´ to run regardless of actual user selection
Removal GUI Removed unimplemented options, preparing for next final
Addition Package Added shell icons to complimentary executable modules, such as QuickUpgrade and InstallHelper
Removal GUI Removed start at login context menu items - at least for now - keeping our focus dedicated.
Removal GUI Removed all code to manage processes start at login. Specialied utilies can do this, and Windows itself.
Change GUI Launch InstallHelper.exe in a non-blocking way, then handle its exit code when it is done (for ´Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts´)
Change GUI Further painting adjustments for non-composited dekstops (for internal and external testing purposes prior to finalization)
Change GUI Strings finalized for translators to begin work
Change GUI Move Private Bytes beside current total CPU % time graph in Active Processes tab
Change GUI Don´t show per-core metrics for single core systems
Change GUI Don´t temporarily zero per core metrics while being moved
Change GUI Added border to per-core metrics6.0.1.36 Change GUI Don´t clear process name control in Watchdog Dialog if entry is rejected (an annoying quirk in prior builds)
Change GUI Enhanced rule verification while intiially adding to dialog
Change GUI Preserve last window state (e.g. maximized or minimized)
Change GUI Adjustments to memory load rendering (work continues)
Change GUI Adjustments to active processes column sizes and ordering
Change All Various components reviewed and code being committed for finalization (though much work remains!)
Change GUI Adjusted graph click behavior (more work coming)
Change GUI Made white default color scheme
Change GUI Adjustments and optimizations to vertical array of progress bars control (thus all instances of it)
Change GUI Dynamic size per-core metric graph (grows or shrinks depending on number of cores)
Change GUI Moved per-core CPU % utilization to left, outside main graph - has a flicker in this beta
Change GUI Improved efficiency of graph painting in some situations
Change GUI Graph now ´feels´ more smooth
Change GUI Changed apperance of graph (reduced background lines)
Change Defaults Server Edition governor and GUI instances now manages all users by default
Removal Installer Removed CHM download prompt for registered users (replacing it)
Change Spanish Enabled - about 60% complete now - experimental/testing
Change Italian Updated
Change German Updated
Change Chinese-Simplified Updated
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 1.1 MB

OS: Windows

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