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News del 27 Marzo 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Process Lasso
Process Lasso è un´utility che permette di migliorare le performance del sistema, ottimizzando l´esecuzione dei processi. Tra le funzionalità, la chiusura automatica e l´assegnazione di priorità ai processi.


- SUMMARY: This version represents more backports from the new v6 code base. Specifically, it backports better internal support when dealing with services and a new watchdog feature ´Trim Virtual Memory´, even though that´s something that should be used with caution and awareness.
- Addition.Core: Process Watchdog terminations and restarts will now act in accordance with the process type (service or regular process), transparent to the user
- Addition.Core: Upgrade to other governor code (using latest from v6 branch)
- Removal.GUI: Removed non-function restraint timer from restriant history column
- Change.GUI: Updated a few languages
- Change.All: Upgraded some components to stable code from v6
- Addition.GUI: Issuing a restart on one or more processes that are services will cause induction of a stop/start of the appropriate services
- Addition.GUI: Added ´Trim Virtual Memory´ as a Process Watchdog option (must be configured in Watchdog Config dialog, no process context menu access)
- Addition.Core: Added support for ´Trim Virtual Memory´ as a Process Watchdog option
- Change.Core: Encapsulated some synchronization objects in exception handlers to better deal with potential timeout exceptions
- Fix.All: Possible fix for some rarely seen crashes
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 2.2 MB

OS: Windows

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