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News del 13 Giugno 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Process Lasso
Process Lasso è un´utility che permette di migliorare le performance del sistema, ottimizzando l´esecuzione dei processi. Tra le funzionalità, la chiusura automatica e l´assegnazione di priorità ai processi.


  • Addition.All: Added I/O priority support for NT 6+ (Vista+)
  • Addition.All: Added hyper-threaded core avoidance
  • Addition.All: Added new Default Power Schemes (replaces High Performance Mode)
  • Addition.All: Added new optional automated updates
  • Change.All: Tweaks to ProBalance algorithm
  • Change.Core: Major rewrites and performance improvements
  • Change.GUI: Navigation improvements and cosmetic adjustments
  • Fix.All: Improved interoperability with NIS 2011 SONAR and F-Protect DeepGuard
  • Change.All: Faster, reduced overhead even further
  • Change.All: MUCH more.. Several hundred smaller changes
  • ---===Post-final minor build changes===---
  • [.16]Change.GUI: Tweak to process icon code (prevent mismatches)
  • [.16]Change.GUI: Updated Russian and Italian
  • [.16]Fix.Upload: Beta URLs were not being updated, now fixed
  • [.17]Fix.GUI: Clear All fixed for watchdog rules dialog
  • [.17]Fix.Core: Watchdog rules may not have went into effect immediately after creation or change, fixed
  • [.18]Fix.Updater: Fixed auto-update in XP and possibly other systems (would appear to stall at end of download). Please note it will begin working in the update AFTER this one.
  • [.18]Change.Updater: Output more error messages in the case of failure.
  • [.19]Fix.Core: Fixed issue where No Sleep and Auto Gaming mode may not take effect on time
  • [.19]Change.Core: A few other minor fixes and tweaks
  • [.20]Fix.Core: Fixed a logic error in memory reuse optimization (unknown if manifested in real world)
  • [.20]Fix.Core: Fixed a very small memory leak seen in exhaustive testing under XP, and possibly seen elsewhere
  • [.20]Change.GUI: Updated Serbian Latin
  • [.20]Change.GUI: Updated Finnish
  • [.21]Fix.GUI: Fixed failure of web links to launch on some systems, depending on installed browsers and security software (failure of simple ShellExecute API call)
  • [.21]Change.Updater: Reduced update check interval to every 2 days instead of 3
  • [.22]Change.Updater: Re-enabled Server Edition automated updates
  • [.22]Fix.GUI: Fixed manual process suspension
  • [.22]Fix.GUI: Fixed quirk in Power Scheme Defaults configuration dialog
  • [.22]Change.GUI: Tweak to synchronization objects referenced in configuration dialogs
  • [.22]Change.GUI: Updated Italian
  • [.23]Fix.GUI: Fixed ´Edit INI´ Advanced option
  • [.23]Change.GUI: Added more assertive cleanup of auto update archive
  • [.23]Fix.GUI: Fixed new throttle dialog warning truncated and corrupted
  • [.23]Change.All: Reworked log queue synchronization object
  • [.23]Change.Core: Reworked hard throttle mechanism - Note this is not ProBalance, this is a separate non-recommended function for advanced users
  • [.23]Change.Core: Changed throttle timing levels quite a bit, should offer wider range of hard throttling
  • [.24]Change.GUI: Hide unavailable I/O priority column by default in 2K/XP (for new installs or listview reset)
  • [.24]Change.Installer: Don´t warn about Terminal Services disabled
  • [.24]Change.Core: Decreased memory utilization in environments with a lot of processes
  • [.24]Change.Core: Re-enabled full memory optimizations, they had been disabled in a previous build while I studied utilization
  • [.24]Change.Core: Removed non-visible debug output entirely, a call stub had previously remained.
  • [.25]Change.GUI: Automatic updates no longer marked as experimental
  • [.25]Change.Portable: Changed distribution to simple ZIP archive of Process Lasso program with a batch file to start
  • [.25]Change.Portable: Configuration file and log file now stored alongside program file
  • [.25]Change.Portable: Automated updates now work with the portable edition, though only automated updates at this time
  • [.25]Addition.SrvStub: Added version resource
  • [.25]Addition.GUI: Added /configfolder command line option for optional use instead of /configfile
  • [.25]Change.All: /configfolder now expands ´.´ as current working directory, as does /logfolder
  • [.25]Change.GUI: Remove random nag shown 1/6 main window opens from system tray
  • [.25]Fix.GUI: Fix ´Keep Running´ processes were sometimes associated with the PL main window, depending on if the GUI had launched the governor or not
  • [.25]Fix.All: Fixed a command line parsing issue with quote encapsulated paths
  • [.25]Change.Build: Improved speed of build environment (internal)
  • [.25]Fix.Log.subsystem: Fixed global log folder command line specification
  • [.25]Fix.Log.subsystem: Fixed a string reference not properly defined as const and written to improperly by a subfunction (no actual bug manifests as it was unused)
  • [.25]Addition.Core: Added new log entry indicating the log path
  • [.25]Change.GUI: Changed first minimize to tray message so it is slightly less ugly
  • [.25]Fix.Portable: Disabled manual updates, automatic updates now work for this edition
  • [.26]Change.GUI: Updated Italian
  • [.26]Fix.GUI: Fixed bug that started a few minor updates ago, causing automatic updates to not actually be turned on (though it appeared checked at first)
  • [.26]Change.InstallHelper: Further consolidated the service creation code
  • [.26]Change.InstallHelper: Added critical section timeout system registry value check, to ensure no user set it to an improperly low value
  • [.27]Fix.GUI: Fixed crash seen in Windows 2000. Note that process icons are disabled in W2K, at least for now, as the issue is in the new code to more efficiently resolve them using system APIs not available in W2K.
  • [.27]Fix.Core: Fixed premature exit of default power scheme in certain cases where multiple default power scheme processes were running
  • [.27]Fix.GUI: Fixed Russian activation dialog had User and Code captions reversed
  • [.27]Fix.All: Fixed theoretical cause of settings being reset under rare circumstances
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 2.0 MB

OS: Windows

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