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News del 28 Maggio 02 Autore: fabionapoli
<img src="http://www.swzone.it/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=33891" align="right">Utility diagnostica per dischi Maxtor e Quantum.<br> <br> The POWERMAX.EXE utility is designed to perform diagnostic read/write verifications on Maxtor/Quantum hard drives. These tests will determine hard drive integrity. The POWERMAX.EXE utility is effective on all ATA (IDE) hard drives with a capacity greater than or equal to 500 MB. Maxtor recommends the use of this utility for troubleshooting potential hard drive problems. These problems include, but are not limited to the following:<br> <br> <br> <ul><br> <li> Potential hard drive surface problems (e.g., bad clusters, bad sectors, partitioning/formatting problems, etc.).<br> <li> Drive recognition problems (e.g. hard drive that is not recognized by the operating system).<br> <li> Software removal.<br> NOTE: Earlier versions of MAXDIAG.EXE found on MaxBlast/MaxBlast Plus generate identified, phantom errors. This condition no longer exists with Powermax v2.5 and above.</ul><br> <br> <br> <img src="/img/homepage.gif" align="absmiddle"> <a href="http://www.maxtor.com/products/diamondmax/techsupport/TechnicalProcedures/20014.htm" target="_blank">Pagina di riferimento</a><br> <br> <img src="/img/download.gif" align="absmiddle"> <a href="http://www.maxtor.com/SoftwareDownload/main/pwrdiag.exe" target="_blank"><img src="immf.php?image=occhioride.gif" border="0" alt="">ownload</a><br> <br> <img src="/img/link.gif" align="absmiddle"> Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000<br> <br> <img src="/img/link.gif" align="absmiddle"> Licenza freeware<br> <br> <img src="/img/link.gif" align="absmiddle"> Autore<br> <br> <img src="/img/link.gif" align="absmiddle"> Data dell'aggiornamento 27/05/2002
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