PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 5

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News del 26 Agosto 08 Autore: Gianplugged
PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 5
Nuova beta di PowerArchiver uno dei più potenti e completi software di creazione e decompressione di archivi files in circolazione.


* Significantly improved startup speed when explorer view is on,
as well as opening of folder windows.
* Copy and Paste implemented in some parts of interface - explorer view when
browsing hard disk, preview (text).
* Added Drag and Drop support to Burner.
* Improved errors and logging in Backup.
* Improved updating of archives on DVD/RW drives in Backup.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Bug #773: Save session password inconsistent in PA.
* Fixed Bug #758: Various specific backup issues.
* Fixed Bug #776: Opening files in TAR archives with same filename.
* Fixed Bug #771: Relative path does not work in SFX Wizard.
* Fixed Bug #772: Spanning archive in shell shows AV,
* Fixed Bug #770: Compress folder in shell does not work (zip).
* Fixed Bug #769: 7z does not ask for overwrite in shell.
* Fixed Bug #768: 120dpi issue in registration screen.
* Fixed Bug #767: Encrypt tool does not always delete _enc.
* Fixed Bug #765: AV when converting 7z to Zip.
* Fixed Bug #766: AC when encrypting to ZIP.
* Fixed Bug #753: Issue when quickly opening archives with slow preview.
* Fixed Bug #762: Backup saves some non existing filenames in specific cond.
* Fixed Bug #759: Tabbing issues in config.
* Fixed Bug #761: Only part1-part9.rars open.
* Fixed Bug #763: 120dpi issue in backup.
* Fixed Bug #734: About sfx screens need update.
* Fixed Bug #747: Backup logs not always compressed.
* Fixed Bug #755: changed extract to folder/ behaviour.
* Fixed Bug #754: applicatio button (orb) does not work in b4.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 6.87 MB

OS: Windows

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