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News del 26 Dicembre 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
PostgreSQL è "il più avanzato database open source al mondo" (quotando l'about del sito) Cambi dalla versione precedente: * Fixed bug in "CREATE SCHEMA" parsing in ECPG (Michael) * Fix compile error when "--enable-thread-safety" and "--with-perl" are used together (Peter) * Fix for subqueries that used hash joins (Tom) * Fix free space map compaction bug (Tom) * Fix for Borland compiler build of libpq (Bruce) * Fix netmask() and hostmask() to return the maximum-length masklen (Tom) * Several "contrib/pg_autovacuum" fixes * Allow compile of "contrib/cube" under Cygwin (Jason Tishler) * Fix Solaris use of password file when no passwords are defined (Tom) * JDBC fix for thread problems, other fixes * Fix for bytea index lookups (Joe) * Fix information schema for bit data types (Peter) * Force zero_damaged_pages to be on during recovery from WAL * Prevent some obscure cases of "variable not in subplan target lists" * Make PQescapeBytea and byteaout consistent with each other (Joe) * Escape bytea output for bytes > 0x7e(Joe) * Added missing SPI_finish() calls to dblink's get_tuple_of_interest() (Joe) * New Czech FAQ * Fix information schema view constraint_column_usage for foreign keys (Peter) * ECPG fixes (Michael) * Fix bug with multiple IN subqueries and joins in the subqueries (Tom) * Allow COUNT('x') to work (Tom) * Install ECPG include files for Informix compatibility into separate directory (Peter) * Fix SSL memory leak (Neil) * Prevent "pg_service.conf" from using service name as default dbname (Bruce) * Fix local ident authentication on FreeBSD (Tom)
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