Portable Thunderbird 0.9 (USB Drive-Friendly)

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News del 19 Novembre 04 Autore: RostoR
Portable Thunderbird 0.9 (USB Drive-Friendly)
Portable Firefox 1.0 è un programma totalmente funzionante di Thunderbird che può essere utilizzato su drive rimovibili con una configurazione minima. Il tool è stato riconfigurato per questa funziona aggiuntiva come un completo rimovibile email client. Modifications I made some modifications to the official ZIPped version of Thunderbird to make it more USB key friendly (decreasing total install size and the number of writes to the drive, which will increase drive life). These changes are listed here so you'll know what they are, and so you can recreate the process, if so desired. Extension-Friendly Launcher - PortableThunderbird Launcher v0.0.1 is included by default. It will alter the paths to any extensions you install to work relatively. Just be sure to close/restart Thunderbird before switching PCs. EXEs and DLLs Compressed - All EXEs and DLLs were recompressed using UPX. This gets our installed size down to one that works on 16Mb drives. Additionally, it will speed up use of Thunderbird when you're running over USB 1.1. The options used were: --best --compress-icons=0 --nrv2d --crp-ms=999999 -k JARs re-compressed - The JAR files in the chrome have been recompressed at the maximum level, getting our package down to 10.5Mb. (For the curious, JAR files are just ZIP files with a different extension) Default Profile - A default profile exists within the thunderbird directory. No Email Address Saving - Thunderbird won't automatically save addresses to the address book. No Default Mail Client Check - Thunderbird won't check if it is the default mail client.
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 7.73

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