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News del 16 Dicembre 04 Autore: RostoR
Dal momento che si tratta di un programma seguito passo/passo sulle nostre News riprendo l'ultima mia presentazione di questo client di posta elettronica aggiungendo il changelog di questa versione che potrete leggere alle "Altre Informazioni" Versione stabile per quest'ottimo e piccolo client che ci permette di vedere la posta elettronica direttamente sul server del nostro account. La versione gratuita permette, al contrario di quella a pagamento, la gestione di un solo account di posta elettronica. Tutte le caratteristiche e gli approfondimenti li potete leggere Alle News Precedenti dove potrete vedere le caratteristiche principali di questo client.
  • Works as a client/server application, reading mail "directly" from POP servers, including those that require APOP MD5 secure authentication.
  • Ideally suited for "on the road" mail access, for scanning, reading and sending mail.
  • Supports multiple account profiles, enabling you to read and send mail from any number of accounts.
  • Requires no installation, no data is saved locally other than a portable .INI file containing account information.
  • Ideal for cleaning up POP accounts, removing spam, unwanted mail, large attachments etc...
  • Immune to all forms of e-mail attachment and HTML viruses/scripts/trojans, because it does not directly support receiving attachments or viewing HTML.
  • Optionally supports viewing/saving attachments and HTML through external applications.
  • The built-in mail editor and address book enables you to compose and send new mail with or without file attachments, reply to, forward and re-direct received mail using SMTP or (E)SMTP with authentication.
  • Fits easily on a floppy or other portable (even read only) media.
  • Using the Mail Message (.eml) format, you can easily import mail items composed, saved or sent from Popcorn into other popular e-mail clients. What's new in Popcorn release 1.72 beta 3 New features: *Popcorn now supports and decodes headers encoded using us-ascii. *When saving the currently displayed mail item ("File" -> "Save..."), a date stamp string is now added to the file name. *Shift+H in the main (view) window is now "View Selection as HTML". Bug-fixes: *Fixed a bug when cloning an account profile that caused the number of messages on the server in the source profile to be copied to the cloned (destination) profile. *Fixed a bug that in very rare circumstances could cause Popcorn to believe it was started from a read only volume/drive even if this was not the case. *Fixed a bug that caused the "Save...", "Save Attachments..." and "Print..." menu items and toolbar icons to be active (not disabled) before a message has been fully downloaded from the server. Other changes: "File" -> "Save All..." is now available when only a single message is Local. Optimized code for decoding message headers. Optimized a core string function. Versione rilasciata il 16 Dicembre 2004
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    Licenza: reeware/Shareware (leggi le limitazioni nel testo ) $ 20

    Dimensioni: Kb 212

    OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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