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News del 26 Luglio 02 Autore: Alberto
Nuova versione di quest'applicazione che, sistemata nella system tray, permette il controllo delle caselle di posta elettronica ivi comprese quelle di MSN/Hotmail. Queste le novità per la nuova versione: + Added support for MSN + HotmailMSN messages are now stripped, so only the actual message remains - Option to view entire page (and is persistent) + Added debug text (access by pressing Ctrl+D) + Size and Placement of message dialog is now saved between sessions - Fix: Hotmail would crash when not using the English language ~ Message Attachment Combobox will adjust its size with the current window size ~ New Server Type account setting - This feature is mainly a convenient way to display supported server types... ~ Added "Launch email client" to the New Mail Alert ~ Double-clicking on New Mail Alert will open email if that is the default action - otherwise, it still opens POP Peeper ~ Hotmail: if not retrieving entire message, and then retrieve the message, certain data will update appropriately (full date, full subject, etc.) ~ New Option button on Message Dialog to conserve space for increasing number of features ~ Hidden Option to NOT be asked for delete confirmation. (registry: QuickDelete = "1"). - See the web page (help/easter eggs) for more informationOpzioni avanzateEaster eggs (Funzioni non documentate)
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