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News del 18 Gennaio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Pokki è  un software gratuito e per Windows che permette di inserire tutta una serie di servizi sociali e di contenuti sulla taskbar del sistema operativo Microsoft. E lo fa in modo accattivante dal punto di vista grafico e disponendo l´ìinformazione in modo che la fruizione sia decisamente intuitiva.


What´s New

This release includes a number of additions to the Pokki menu:

- Introduction of a light theme to the Pokki menu and notifications
This becomes the default theme for new installs.
Existing users remain on the dark theme, however are introduced to the new theme through an update message within the menu.
Users can switch between both themes from the settings panel.
- Moved notifications panel to a drop-down menu
Accessible from the notifications button to the right of the search box.
- Ability to customize the shortcuts listed in the sidebar of the menu (eg. Computer, Pictures, etc)
Users can pick which shortcuts are included in the sidebar through the settings panel.
- Option to change the Pokki acorn in the taskbar to the Windows logo
Can be enabled/disabled from the settings panel.
- Improved recently used apps/programs listing in sidebar
Can be enabled/disabled from the settings panel.
Maximum number of items listed is defined by how many special shortcuts are enabled (previously was a set limit).
- Improved clarity of button which opens the Windows Start Screen with new icon
- Improved discoverability of Pokki configurable features
Settings are accessible from the menu interface (previously only by right clicking the acorn). This should help
discoverability of it, especially on non-Windows 8.
Also added the option to jump to support and provide feedback.
- Improved app/program search
Search is quicker.
Results are more accurate (ie. the item you’re really searching for is returned at the top of the results).
Increased search scope to include shortcuts to executables.
- All apps/programs panel now includes all shortcuts
Previously only executable shortcuts were included. Now includes everything from the traditional “All Programs” list.
- Improved readability of all items in the menu
Sidebar is wider, so the recently used programs are not truncated as often.
The names under the favorite apps are given more space, and double lines.
Entire menu is taller, and not as wide.
Increased grid size for favorites.
Improved truncation of item’s names in favorites panel.
Layout change for popular apps.
- Ability to add a file or folder from the desktop to the favorites panel
Right click on any file or folder in Explorer and select “Add to Pokki Menu” and the item will appear in the Pokki favorites section of the menu.

What´s Fixed

This release includes a number of fixes to the Pokki menu:

- All apps/programs and control panel items sporadically disappear from the menu
Occasional inability to remove files and folders from favorites panel
Duplicate entries displayed in all apps/programs
Pokki acorn incorrectly renders when taskbar has multiple rows
- Improved Pokki app small icon quality
Support for favorited items which are moved from their original locationBottom part of button that opens the Windows Start Screen was not clickable after checking for updates
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows

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